Avala Express


When safety is first we last!

At Avala Express we think safety first. When it comes to delivering loads, we make sure that our equipment is always up to date and that our drivers perform pre-trip inspection after every 30 minute stop. In case of any issues with the truck, drivers are navigated to the nearest repair shop within the truck stop or dealership. Thanks to our GPS tracking systems, our dispatch team is able to notify customer immediately about the status of the truck, its current location and estimated time of arrival to the final destination.

To keep our trucks safe means to keep the drivers safe. This allows the load to reach the receiving facility on time. Therefore, our tracing team makes sure that each load that weights 36,000 lbs. or more, according to the provided rate confirmation, is scaled again at the CAT scale. If the overweight truck gets caught by DOT, driver and company are subject to big fines and even a jail time. According to research, in 2018, the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) issued more than 800,000 commercial truck violations on highways and at weigh stations. About 8,000 of those were given to corporations whose loads weighted too much. In consultation, we are committed to always following federal and state laws, and therefore lead by an example.